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Requirements/Class Need

Postby Istraa » Sat Oct 24, 2009 10:09 am

When filling out an application DO NOT use one word/one sentence answers. Applications that have one word/one sentence answers will either be denied or the applicant will be asked to re-do their application

Please contact Istraa, Maacha, or Beneden once you have submitted your app. If you have problems with the app form please contact Istraa for an alternate way to apply.

NOTE: Any closed class must have the Class Leaders approval before the app is accepted under the exceptional player exemption.

General Requirements
Level 105
All Expansions
All Casters augs require 150 HME minimum. Tank augs require 40 AC minimum. Hybrids should have a good mix of both 150 HME and 35 AC minimum. All augs slots Must be filled and meet these requirements.*
MPG Group Trials*
The following AAs maxed: Combat Agility, Combat Stability, Delay Death, Discordant Defiance, General Sturdiness, Mystical Shield*

* must be completed with in 30 days or the applicant will be denied.

Class Requirements
*** all stats are unbuffed***
***Suggested AA is not a requirement, it's just what we like to see***

High Need
HP - 80k
5000 aa's
Suggested AA- Fierce Eye, Quick Time, 3rd Spire, Dance of Blades, all melee/spell crit lines

Low Need
HP - 80k
Mana - 70k
5000 AA

High need
HP - 90k
5000 AAs
All AAs related to War Cry, 75% of all hp/def AAs, and the following AA should be maxed:
Archetype: Burst of power -Combat Fury -Empowered Ingenuity -Ferocity -Punishing Blade
Class: Battle Stomp -Blood Pact -Blur of Axes -Cascading Rage -Cry of Battle -Echoing Cries -Everburn -Flurry -Frenzied Axe of Rallos -Frenzied Volley -Third Spire of Savagery -Furious Rampage -Juggernaut's Surge -Juggernaut's Mastery of Throwing -Juggernaut's Proficiency -Precise Blow -Precision of Axes -Rageheart's Wrath -Reckless Abandon -Savage Spirit -Tactical Mastery -Throwing Mastery -Two Hands, No Mercy! -Vehement Rage -Veterans Wrath

One high ra clr needed
Hp - 90k
Mana - 90k
8500 aa's
Suggested AA - All healing, all mana regen, all Spires, all GoM's, all curing lines including wards maxed, all casting lines except Fury, both BDA's, MGB, TB, QM, VP, Unfailing Divinity & Twinheal.

Medium Need
HP - 130k
Mana -130k
16000 aa's
Suggested AA: All healing, all mana lines,
all curing lines, all spell casting lines, MGB, TB
and Twinheal, all SotW and Cov, Rejuvenation of Spirit and Call of the Wild.
Focus : Preserver's Synergy, Focus : Panavida, Focus : Improved Lunar Healing, Focus : Resurgence, Focus : Improved Survival. Those are in addition to the aa's that are req'd by every class, such as Planar Power, etc.

Low Need
Enchanter requirements:
13,000 AAs
125k HP
90k Mana
Must be able to: attend hours 1 and 2 of weekday raids, work with the existing enchanters
Maxxed out in all the following AA lines: Combat Agility, Combat Stability, Delay Death, General Sturdiness, Natural Durability, Gift of Mana, Quick Buff, Shield Block, All beneficial extension lines, Deep Sleep, Ethereal Manipulation, All spires, Glyph Spray, MGB, All MGB hasten/quicken lines, Tranquil blessings, Illusions of Grandeur, All mez extension lines

HP - 88k
Mana - 88k
8000 aa's
All pet and spell damage lines, HIGH DPS ONLY NEED APPLY

HP - 100,000
AA - 8,000

HP - 120k
Mana - 80k
10,000 aa's

Closed except to exceptional candidates
HP - 115k
Mana - 85k
AC - 9.5k
9000 AA's

Open to 1 high ra, high dps ranger
HP - 105k
Mana - 85k
10,000 aa's
Suggested AA - Max Archery, endless quiver, max avoidance, stability, auspice of hunter, max melee/spell damage AA's, max healing AA's (first focus on heal %, then crit %), guardian of the forest, entrap, hastened trueshot and weapon shield, imbued ferocity, outriders attack and accuracy, tranquil blessing, cover tracks rk 1, hastened cover tracks, hunters return kick rk1, then work on mana preservation/regen

Medium Need - High RA only
HP - 92k+
AA's - 8k+
Required AA's -
Class: Rogues Fury, Escape, SOS, Third Spire
Arch: Burst of Power, Ferocity, Enhanced Agression
Suggested AA's -
Combat Fury, Chaotic Stab, Twisted Shank, Vet's Wrath, Assassin's Mastery of Piercing, Massive Strike & all other basic DPS AA's

Closed except to exceptional candidates
HP - 140k
AC - 13k+
14.5k+ AA's
Suggested AA - max avoidance, max mitigation, max shield block, max HT, Maxed TOTC, max SA, max willful death, max shield specialist, improved explosion of hatred and spite

HP - 85k
Mana - 90k
7500 aa's
Epic 2.0
Suggested AA - Ancestrial AID, All Healing AA's Adept/Boon/Gift, All curing aa's, SCM, SCR, SCS. Call of the Wild, Canni, TB, Totem, Spiritual Channeling/Blessing. Third spire, Turgur's Swarm, Pact of the Wolf, Mystical Attuning, Preincarnation, CA/CS, GoM lines, Mental Clarity, Expansive Mind, Mnemonic Retention, Eyes wide open maxed.

Closed except to exceptional candidates
HP -140k
AC - 12.5k
10k AA's (all defensive AA's complete)
Suggested AA - Ageless Enmity, Armor of Wisdom, Burst of Power, Double Riposte, Shield Block, Shielding Resistance, Slippery Attacks, Weapon Affinity, Blast of Anger, Area Taunt, Dauntless Perseverance, Gut Punch, Grappling Strike, Press the Attack, Howl of the Warlord, Infused by Rage, Projection of Fury, Shield Specialist

HP - 90k
Mana - 80k
5000 aa's
Suggested AA- Hole in Space, The one's that make you parse good and not rip agro and die.


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