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Do's and Don't for potential app's

Postby Istraa » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:04 pm

This list of "Do's and Don'ts" is written to give you valuable insight into what we are expecting from our applicants. Be sure to check the threads below for more detailed information.


1. Step up!

When given the opportunity to perform a specific role on the raid, make the most of it. If you think that just sitting back and playing 'mistake free' is going to cut-it, that's incorrect. We are looking for sharp, self-starting players who are not afraid to step up.

2. Be self-sufficient!

We are not here to hold your hand. If you have difficulties navigating through unfamiliar zones, heading to the raid with 5 minutes to spare is not very smart. It's better to be way early then a little late. This goes for invis/lev/shrink, etc.

3. Get along with the membership, especially your fellow class members!

Final Empire is very segregated by class/archetype. Most classes have their own channels, discussions, etc. Applicants should work on becoming a tight-knit part of their class. You are going to have problems if you cannot work as a team with your class-mates and get along with them.

4. Ask questions!

All guilds are different, and we're probably very different from your last guild. There are no stupid questions, there are only people who do not ask questions, and then they do stupid things. Ask your class members, ask your class leader...

5. Scour our site for every bit of info you can find!

Once you have access to our forums, read everything you can concerning policies and how we go about things.

6. Make sure we are the right guild for you!

We are a raid guild, and we are very serious about raiding. Do not be the square peg in the round hole by joining a guild that isn't what you are looking for. Do not put yourself in a situation where you are going to be unhappy. If it's not going to work out, just let us know and there will be no hard feelings.

7. Setup Ventrilo!

We use Ventrilo for raiding and it is very helpful for learning about how we work and what you should and should not be doing on the raid. Instructions for this are in the members section.


1. Get an attitude when you are corrected or asked to do something differently!

Follow instructions and you shouldn't have any problems. If you play so poorly or so differently from what we expect, make every effort to get with the program.

2. Ask for loot on your first raid!

Nobody likes a lootwhore. If you are on your first raid or have not earned any DKP, when we open items up to apps, the worst thing you can do is send a tell for an item. Pay your dues for a couple of raids, earn some DKP and then go for it.

3. Be an attention whore!

You are going to have issues if you have an innate desire to type out your every waking thought. We don't want an "apps should be seen, not heard" atmosphere, however less is probably better when you're the new guy/gal.

4. Hurt your chances of getting in by giving one-sentence answers on your app!

We do not know you. Your app will be the first thing that most members read or hear about you. Put your best foot forward and make a good first impression.

5. Expect a free ride!

This is a team. We all work to make it happen.


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