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Final Empire Guild Charter

Postby Fenudir » Wed May 27, 2020 10:34 pm

I. About Final Empire
Final Empire is an upper end raiding guild on the Povar server. We behave with honor and expect those who wear our tag to do the same. We support our members, treat each other with respect, and see the game as a balance between raiding/progression and social interaction.

The guild is run by a leader, a leadership council and class leaders. The leadership has an open door policy regarding member concerns or difficulties and we pride ourselves on being very responsive.

We do raid a lot and focus on progression so, for the members who can devote the time, there is loot and high end content. We use a DKP system for loot distribution. The players that raid more often have more points to spend on loot. Special case items (quest pieces, needed spells, etc.) may be awarded by the leadership on a case by case basis.

II. General Rules
The following are Final Empire's Rules and Regulations. Keep in mind that just because it is not written here it is not evidence that a specific behavior is acceptable. We expect every member to bring honor and pride to our guild tag by acting with common sense. Below is a list of general rules. However common sense and good judgment are precursors to any rule. If you think something might be considered wrong, it probably is.

A. Attitude & Conduct
You are to conduct yourself with maturity and respect. Every member's attitude and conduct are a direct reflection on this guild. The following are basic guidelines for expected behavior:
• Always act with honor and play fair.
• Everyone is entitled to an opinion, you are to respect that opinion and not flame them for it.
• You are required to conduct yourself in a manner which we can be proud of. We will not tolerate /ooc disputes, ninja looting, kill stealing, etc.
• Arguments and disputes should be handled in tells, not guild/group/public channels.
• Try to refrain from saying things in guild that would or could start an argument.
• All guilded characters are expected to wear the Final Empire tag with pride at all times. The use of /anon is prohibited unless given specific permission by the leadership council to the contrary. Using /role is fine.
• It shouldn’t need to be said but following the rules set forth in the Everquest EULA is required.

B. Self Improvement
You are expected to self improve every aspect of your character. This guild will not hold anyone's hand, members are expected to take responsibility for themselves.
• You are expected to obtain all needed spells/runes for your class that are beneficial to our raids or in our groups.
• You are expected to acquire all suggested AA's for your class, with particular emphasis being place on AA's that have a raid application.
• You are expected to provide yourself with whatever upgrades possible through groups and DKP purchases.
• You are expected to have augs in all pieces of gear, empty aug slots are not acceptable. Check the forums for the current aug standard.
• When not raiding, you are expected to make obtaining all flags and required group tasks your number one priority.

C. Guild Interaction
Our members are what make our guild. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in guild chat.
• When grouping, always try to fill empty spots with guild members.
• We encourage everyone to use Mumble during raids and even on off-raiding times. You will find this information in the guild MOTD.
• Although Mumble is a different mode of interaction, the same rules for respecting your fellow guild mates is still required.
• While 'cliques' are a normal part of any guild, members are encouraged to group with all guild mates.

III. Raid Rules
The following are the raid rules for Final Empire. Although the rules are comprehensive, not all circumstances can be planned for. In such cases, the leadership will make a decision at the moment. If the situation is immediate, the raid leader has sole and final say.

A. Raiding behavior
• No Flaming. If you have a problem with another member, make every attempt to deal with the problem between yourselves. If that isn't possible, bring it to the attention of an officer and we will try to assist you in dealing with it. You are permitted your opinion and thoughts, but don't just flame another person, there are people behind the monitor with feelings. If another member verbally assaults you, get a screenshot and bring it to the attention of an officer. Do not escalate the situation.
• Do not disrespect or disregard any officer or raid leaders instructions. You are allowed to disagree with an officer, but you cannot disrespect nor disregard what they say. Everyone is entitled to their opinion however give your opinion and let it go. It is up to them to discuss it among themselves and decide whether or not to include your suggestion.
• Listen to leaders the first time they tell you to do something. If you want to disagree do it via tells after the raid or situation is over.
• One of our goals is improvement and frequently members will receive constructive feedback in an attempt to better their play. If you are hypersensitive or easily offended, please think twice about applying. We WILL give you feedback. It is part of the continual learning process in the game. That said, we are happy to hear constructive comments from you as well.
• Arguing during a raid will not be tolerated.

B. Raid Performance
• Whether you are on a raid with Final Empire or with another guild, ALWAYS act with decency, honor, and most of all, common sense.
• It is your responsibility to know where and how to get to any raid location.
• It is a requirement for every member to have in-game maps.
• It is required to install GINA and use the FE Audio Triggers for raids. This is not optional. If you don't have speakers or headphones and/or refuse to get them, this is not the guild for you.
• You must follow the raid leader's instructions at all times no matter what the situation. Instant compliance to raid instructions is mandatory.
• Do NOT 'ninja-afk.' Additionally, do not go AFK during an encounter unless it is absolutely necessary.
• Assist the Main Assist at all times.
• Do not break mez.
• Do not pre-charge mobs. We have a main assist for more than one reason. You are to wait for their ASSIST call, not just their pull call. If assist isn't called attack the mob at 90% unless told otherwise.
• The raid channel is for raid instructions from the raid leader and/or raid staff and up only. Hot key announcements (slows, buffs, etc.) do not belong there and should go to the appropriate channels listed in the forums.
• The only people allowed to give orders are those who are put in charge specifically by the raid leaders or an officer.
• Do not ask for buffs in chat channels. Message a specific class member and ask them for whatever buff you need. There are no exceptions to this rule.
• All raiding members of FE must have a solid, consistent internet connection and a decent computer. Constant lagging and/or ld'ing due to bad internet or computer is unacceptable.
• All raiders are required to have and use a shrink item and be shrunk during raids (Enchanters are the only exception to this rule).
• All raiders are required to have some way to invis and levitate.
• We may compete with other guilds for the same target. This will not be taken lightly nor in an immature capacity. You may not debate it in public channels. The raid leader or guild leader will decide the course of action, and you are expected to follow their decision.
• You are not to publicly question the authority or instructions of any raid leader or officer. If you have a concern, or suggestion you are to do that in tells. Do not get frustrated and irritated if they do not respond (think if all 50+ ppl were sending them a tell).
• Pet classes: : pet hold is required and you are required to always have your pet on hold. If you do not have pet hold do not make a pet. If kill pets is stated by a raid leader you are to kill your pet immediately.
• Mounts are not allowed on raids unless it is to combat snares, get back to the raid after getting feared/charmed, to travel long distances, or at the instruction of the raid leader due to a raid mechanic. They are not to be used for mana/end/hp regen. Those stats are negligible when in combat, even when you are on a mount.
• Using illusions that mimic mobs is not permitted during raids as it can cause confusion.

C. Raid Attendance
Final Empire is first and foremost a Raid Guild. As such, the following is a basic guideline for raiding:
• Our set raid days are Sunday (6:00pm-10:00pm cst) and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (7:00pm-11:00pm cst). We may have raids scheduled in advance for our off nights. However, this does not preclude a raid from being called at any other time during the week.
• If you are online during raid hours, you are expected to attend any raid that is called. The only exceptions are those approved by an officer or raid leader or you are unable to attend the raid due to circumstances out of your control (no raid spots, no piggie spots, too late to reach us). When you are not at a raid, but online, you are expected to be improving yourself whether it be getting AA's or farming for items.
• Priority in this guild will always be based on raid attendance. As stated above, more play = more say.
• Our main focus at this time is to raid high end content. This implies a cycle of farming will be necessary in order to advance to the next level of progression.
• Raid attendance is required to be maintained at 50%.
• AFK's of 90 days or more may result in either being removed from the guild or being placed as FnF at the discretion of the leadership.
• Any member falling under 50% attendance for 90 days will be put on Restricted Loot (RL)
• Maintaining your RA ensures Full Member privilege of being able to bid on loots at all prices.

D. DKP & Loot

1. Main distribution
Loot will be handled the following ways:
• All raid loot will be handled by designated auctioneers.
• Members receive one DKP point per hour of raiding(on raid or in sitters channel). They must use the points they have acquired to bid on items, in the quest to meet guild requirements and goals.
• Most loot is awarded via our DKP system (see below), non-DKP nights can be handled via random roll or direct award based upon the raid leaders decision.
• Some items are directly awarded by officers (keys, flags, quest items, error fixes, etc.).
• All members with DKP can bid on items even if on the bench.
• Full members with 50-100 % 90-day RA (raid attendance) can bid up to the max ( currently 75).
• Full members with under 50% 90-day RA can bid only up to 45.
• Applicants can only bid up to 15 on any item, but use 30-day RA to determine wins.
• Full members and applicants can go up to negative 30 DKP but only if the item goes to rot price. FnF can go to negative 15 DKP if the item goes to rot price.
• Minimum bid is generally 1 for older content, 5 for weapons and 10 for other items and bidding over 5 is in increments of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.).
• Loot bidding is done in the guild chat channel. No chatter is permitted in that channel while bidding is being done.
• Send bids for multiple items using different tells.
• Tells should be sent in the format; /tell auctioneer item bid. (Example: /tell enjo Fenudir’s Axe 25).
• When an item goes up for bids, the auctioneer will call the item out. At that time, you can send a tell to the auctioneer with a link of the item and your bid.
• Sample:
Enjo tells the guild, “<item 1> 10-75, <item 2> 5-75, <item 3> 10 – 45 first call”
You tell Enjo, “I bid 15 on <item 1>”
You tell Enjo, “I bid 25 on <item 2>”
The auctioneer will call out 3 times then close the bidding and determine who gets the item.
Enjo tells the guild, “<item 1> 10-75, <item 2> 5-75, <item 3> 10 – 45 second call”
Enjo tells the guild, “<item 1> 10-75, <item 2> 5-75, <item 3> 10 – 45 last call”
Enjo tells the guild, “<item 1> 10-75, <item 2> 5-75, <item 3> 10 – 45 closed”
• Winner of the item is the person who submitted the highest bid.
• In the event of a tie, highest 90 day raid attendance wins. In the event that there is still a tie, lifetime DKP wins.

2. FnF and alts/bots
If there are no bids during the first call to closed, then item will enter the ROT STATUS phase. At this time, the auctioneer will call out an additional time period to bid dkp based upon rot price.
Enjo tells the guild, “ROT STATUS ( FM and apps can bid now if they don't have the minimum, FnF with DKP can bid)”
Enjo tells the guild,” <item 1>, <item 3>, ROT STATUS

At this time, raiders get a last chance to bid on the item, people who would otherwise go negative can bid, and fnf who have accumulated dkp can also bid. Raiders are limited to rot price ( 1, 5 or 10 depending on the expansion and item). Winner is determined the same way.

If still no dkp bids on the item, it then goes to full rot. Time to pay cash for alts and bots. Prices on items are currently 150k for current expansion gear and 100k for 1 year old gear (and direct award or random or guild tribute for anything older).
Enjo tells the guild,”<item 1> ROT. 150k alts / bots.
Winner will be determined based upon the post dealing with rotting loot in another section.

E. DKP Cap
• All members are limited to a maximum bank of 250DKP unless their gear and augmentations meet or exceed current guild requirements. The current standard is listed in the raiding section of the forums.

F. Spell Loot
• Spells are distributed based off of 90 day raid attendance.
• The distribution is done in two parts with half the spells per level being distributed through the guild before distributing the second half.
• Some spells may be awarded out of order by the leadership if needed for specific spells or buffs.

IV. Activeness
Our guild recognizes that real life will always come before Everquest. However, do not use 'real life' as an excuse to 'mask' disinterest in the game. All members are expected to be active.
• If for any reason you will be unable to play for any extended period of time you are expected to post a message on the boards regarding when, why and how long until you expect to be back.
• If you are a casual player you must understand that priority will be given to our members who play full time. The guild has Friends and Family (FnF) status for the casual players.
• More play = more say. Inactive members should show appropriate restraint regarding posting to forums topics about in game issues, applications, progression, etc.
• If a raid is full, members with a 90-day raiding percent under 50% are not guaranteed their spot. However, if they are asked to sit out, in order to get credit for the raid they must remain logged in and join the "waiting" channel while raids are still in progress. Also, if you arrive late to a full raid and have to wait for a spot to open, join the "waiting" channel and you will get credit for any subsequent raid dumps while you wait for a spot. Keep in mind, waiting for your spot means being at your computer and doing something productive while you wait. As spots open up in the raid you may be invited to join us. Invites will be sent to people on the "wait" list. If you do not respond, there is a chance that you will not be given DKP for that hour. If you're waiting for a chance to join the raid, you must take the invite when it comes in order to receive credit.
• If you leave Final Empire on good terms you are welcome to come back once. However coming back will result in a DKP wipe. If you leave again, the leadership has discretion on who is invited back and it may go to the applicant council for a vote.

V. Switching Mains
• A switch to another Main character is possible in some circumstances and must receive approval from the Leadership council.

VI. Non raiding toons

Final Empire's policy on FnFs is as follows:
• FnFs must be level 85 to get a tag.
• FnFs must have a full guild member as a sponsor. The sponsors name will be added to the FNF's public note in the Guild Management Tool.
• FnFs are expected to conform to all of the same rules as full members.

B. Alts & Bots
Final Empire's policy on Alts / Bots is as follows:
• An Alt (same account) or Bot (different account) must be level 85 to get a tag.
• A main character will always have priority for a raid spot over any alt or bot during raids, unless a specific class is needed.
• ALTs/BOTs do not receive DKP and are NOT a guild priority. Complaining about lack of love for one's BOT/ALT will fall on deaf ears and will not be tolerated. Each full member is here for their Main character. Any other characters are not the responsibility of the guild and they may or may not receive rotting loot or flags.

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